It’s been a while. What’s to come.

Hey readers, thanks for sticking around. As you may have realized my publications have dropped since my first one. Some, I took down to revise. Others never made it to the pages since work and research overwhelmed my daily schedule.

I’ve come back with some better understanding on some topics, some of my own behavioral research, research reviews from stuff you may not be able to see behind the paywalls of academia, and other analysis of data sources that may provide some fun to relate to behavior analysis and more.

So, topics you can expect to see soon.

  1. The Four Big Functions of Behavior- Escape, Attention, Stimulation , and Access- What the research says and real world examples.
  2.  Winning and Losing- What people tend to do after both.
  3. Patterns of Behavior- How you can track your own behavior in ways that matter.

Thanks all! Reach out with any ideas you’d like to see at

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